Dating a vintage omega pocket watch

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Dating a vintage omega pocket watch

The movement is the spring-loaded mechanism the runs and regulates the timepiece.

Comparing the number to the manufacturer’s listings can date the manufacture to the approximate year.

Use a case blade to pry open the snap-on case back of a pocket or wristwatch.

Rotate a screw-down case back counterclockwise with the palm of your hand.

Remove the case back (of either type) from the watch.

Use a jeweler's loupe to inspect the movement for a serial number.

Art Deco styling with sweeping, stepped geometric lines on rectangle cases with Lozenge-style hands characterize 1930s and 1940s timepieces.

Watches from the 1950s feature round dials and dauphine or leaf-style hands.

Elgins, for example, may have a letter in front of a series of numbers. The serial numbers on an 1895 Omega pocket watch, for example, start at 1,000,000. Watch enthusiast clubs post the serial numbers of major watchmakers online.Use the loupe to examine the inside of the case back for jeweler’s marks.For most of the 19th and 20th century, watchmakers (in their role as repairpersons) etched the date of service inside the case back. It’s virtually impossible to identify a watch down to the exact production date.The best way to identify the date of manufacture of a watch is to locate the serial number on the watch’s movement.

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Watchmakers specializing in vintage and contemporary mechanical watch repair also can obtain most lists.