Dating during marital seperation

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Dating during marital seperation

Or the father could claim one child and the mother could claim the other. The usual ones are room and board, books, tuition and fees.

Such alternation would lessen the impact of higher taxes on the custodial parent. Should you condition the transfer on the other parent's regular and full payment of support? Some parents also agree on a monthly allowance for the child, funds for travel to and from home, or summer expense money. Few parents want to agree to finance a college education for a child at college or university.

Since college is less of a luxury and more of a necessity these days, it would be a good idea to consider which items should be in the college clause. Such a provision is fair to everyone and does not force either parent to go broke financing a college education. For example, some agreements state that the child must attend an accredited institution, in pursuit of a generally recognized undergraduate degree, on a full-time basis, while maintaining at least a "C" average.

Coercion, fraud, undue influence or lack of knowledge will void the terms of a separation agreement.

· To do this, first of all figure out how much the total monthly needs of Mrs. Make sure you have deducted any monthly expenses that belong to Major Smith or that he'll be paying.

· Next figure out which ones are "reasonable" and discard the rest.

· No law requires a separating couple to execute a separation agreement; however it is a wise idea if there are debts, children, support claims or property involved and the parties want to settle these matters in writing.

· A separation agreement is not valid in North Carolina unless both parties have signed and their signatures are notarized.

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Alimony is spousal support -- it is money paid by one spouse to the other to help with food, shelter, transportation, clothing and other living expenses.

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