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‘This was done at the behest of Princess Anne and Princess Alexandra, both of whom had given their adult lives to royal service,’ a former courtier told me.‘They saw no reason to make obeisance to this — at the time — highly unpopular woman.Meghan will be expected to become swiftly au fait with who’s above, and who’s beneath, her and Harry.For his part, as guide and mentor, Harry will need to take her painstakingly through the protocol. But not if Harry’s in the room when they should curtsey to her.So does she curtsey to her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge? Does she, a complete newcomer to the royal pack, curtsey to Sophie, Countess of Wessex — a one-time commoner but a royal since 1999? What if the Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra, wanders by?Autumn Phillips, Peter Phillips, Dave Clark and Princess Beatrice pictured, with the two women curtseying. Now aged 80, she’s considered more regal than the Queen, boasting two royals for parents (Prince George of Kent, fourth son of George V, and Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark) rather than just the one.As the new wife of the Prince of Wales, Camilla ought to have come second in order of precedence after the Queen — the position Diana occupied as Princess of Wales.However, owing to the circumstances and evolution of her relationship with Charles, Camilla was moved down a peg or two.

She scrambled down like a camel, rising again backside foremost like a cow, a strange performance, painful it might be supposed to the performer, the expression on whose face, however, belied this thought.

Without William, Kate would curtsey to Camilla; with him, she would not.

That’s unless Prince Charles is present, in which case she would.

It was instituted in the 1500s as an easier alternative to dropping down on one’s knees — which is what people used to do when confronted with royalty.

Over time, men adopted a low bow, while women developed a more graceful and lasting movement that has remained a hallmark of royal politesse ever since. Then there are the courtesies Meghan must extend to the men at court.

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In a hastily-borrowed tartan man-skirt, he was ushered into His Majesty’s presence — and promptly dropped a full curtsey. Seventy years on, the tradition of bobbing before the Sovereign continues — even if these days it’s only the womenfolk who are required to do it.

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