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Dating styles in germany

Among these were the first glass marbles, made possible by the invention of marble scissors by Elias Johann Christoph Simon Carl Greiner around 1846.

However, the scissors were initially used for making glass eyes for toy animals, and the first marbles were not produced until around 1850.

These were sold almost immediately upon their completion and were distributed throughout the country by peddlers. To meet some of this demand, the sons of Christoph Muller, Hans and Steffan, built their own glassworks in Schmalenbuche in 1607, obtaining 1,155 acres of forest for the needed firewood.

The site of the subsequent glassworks they built there, Hultenplatz ("foundry place"), is still known by the same name today.

Lauscha itself was a large, uninhabited forest district until around 1590, when two glassmakers, Christoff Mueller and Hans Greiner, came to the region from Langenbach and erected a glass factory in Marktiegel.

However, this factory lasted only a few years due to cramped space.

Shearing the glass rod left telltale cut-off marks, or "pontils," on either pole of the marble.

Depending on the amount of time and effort invested in the production of the marble, as well as the skill and dedication of the artist, these pontils were often melted, ground, or even left as is.

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