Dirty dating co

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Their apple faces and chiclet teeth make my loins sing.

Once opened, the Russian chick will shit test you like there’s no tomorrow.

If you recite a poem you wrote to a Polish girl on a date, she will love you for it without a hint of cynicism.

They are less materialistic than most and that is reflected in their strong connection to nature and the supernatural.

Contrary to the ethnic jokes, Polish girls are not stupid. Yes, Polish girls are more romantic than even French or Italian girls.

Their romantic idealism is not as stylistic as the French nor as passionate as the Italians, but it goes deeper and they feel it more strongly.

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You will get more mileage out of watching a sunset with her than with any other type of girl. Czech girls love buying you things and they relish the sappy romantic phase of courtship. Czech girls have embraced the feminist dogma of the West yet remain tied to the traditional dating mores of Eastern Europe which makes for a lot of hypocrisy.

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