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Its like the cave man days knock a women down and take it.

It was a way of life ......as brutal is that but women likes there bottoms slap when sex is coming from the back doggy style, slapped, is today life, but there is nothing new up under the sun.

The reality is more about control..people have the ability to do this to others, who have the need to be controlled.I think the increasing number of people seeking out this lifestyle reflects the fact that the past few decades have seen 'crime and punishment' become a farce, rules and guidelines that were firmly entrenched and observered have now become things to break and try and get away with without being caught The rights of an individual are now more important than the collective rights of the society around them and discipline is practically non-existant at home or in schools, as to 'traumatise' a child that way is likely to have you locked up!Of course I would never hurt or outright control a girl, rather I like to use my power as a man to please her. Women will deny but they dont know this feasture they possess.Of course I'm not going to object to girls paying (if they want to make the rules, they should do this) for a date or splitting a bill (and rules are then decided on mutually), but it is human nature that dictates man leads, women follow. In reality, the DOM is just the "sub's" trained monkey, a vibrator with arms and legs who fulfills her needs to submit, be dominated, used, whatever..... And if you stick your tongue any further into your cheek, you'll need surgery to remove it? Oh man have to take that definition to the club and pass it around *chuckles* especiall the Dom(mes) ..especially those with ego problems..*grins*Maybe you should get involved in the BDSM circles..might enjoy it with an attitude like that Agreed.in my 'younger days' is was simply considered 'kinky'.as is the fashion with civilization, everything has to be compartmentalized, duly have a lable attached to it, so it can be defined, and a whole list of attributes assigned to it..rather along the lines of a job description..especially one connected to any government dept.poshrat your probably right about that and then they stand around scratching their heads wondering why the divorce rate is so high. Are the do know it its just and inner fantasy to asshamed to really let someone know how they feel.A theory I read why spanking is so sexual is that it reddens the skin that is spanked.In evolutionary theory the female primate when she was sexually excited the reddening and swelling in the pubic area was natural.

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Human females generally lost the outward signs of female excitation for some reason or another so the spanking may be recreating the old natural primate traits of the male primate liking to see the reddening and swelling of the buttocks areas of sexually excited females I've got to wade into this one.

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