Formula values not updating excel

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Formula values not updating excel

I'm having the same problem - Auto calculate is enabled - and never switches to manual.I have one sheet per day of month that has soda inventory listed - max of 34 sheets in a workbook.(31 days plus a total sold by brand, cumulative dollar tracking, and a "dayzero" carry forward page with no linked references in the cells.The cumulative tracking pages has 31 rows and 12 columns and uses a function macro called Sum Bold to tabulate total sales/IOU's/over$ short$ for an "honor system" employee soda program.He is, however, able to update the formula if he selects it, presses F2 (to jump into edit mode) and then press Enter.The first, easiest, and most obvious thing to check is whether you have automatic calculation turned on.

In this case, I need to change the cell reference in the formula each time when I insert rows.I can't recall what he said can cause it, but to correct it you may need to completely rebuild the spreadsheet, or as a short term fix, you can do a find/replace, equal for equal.That is, find all "=" signs and replace them with "=" signs. If you have a very large worksheet, with lots of dependent calculations, and the calculations on which everything else is dependent are at the bottom or right side of the worksheet, then you may get incorrect results for the SUMIF function.(This happens only with the most complex of worksheets.) The answer is to reorganize your worksheets so that the primary calculations are placed near the top of the worksheet and as far left as possible, and the calculations that are based on those primary calculations are placed later in the worksheet.

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(If it isn't, then changing the data won't change the formula results.) Check the formula to make sure that it covers the proper range.