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She died at 11.51pm from the gunshot wound, the autopsy revealed.Harrity was reportedly 'stunned' by his partner's actions.

If the chat service does not initialize in the browser please install our desktop version from the link further down on this page.There were no weapons recovered from the scene of the shooting.It is still unclear why Noor shot the unarmed woman.Mohamed Noor was in breach of his own police department's strict bodycam rules when he opened fire and killed bride-to-be Justine Damond.He now faces severe punishment, even if exonerated over the shooting, and could lose his job for not following the guidelines.

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The rules state that body cams must be operated when 'contact involves criminal activity, physical or verbal confrontations or is otherwise adversarial of Advising of Miranda rights.'The fact that the officers were called to an emergency call involving a possible sexual assault means the bodycams shold have been on.

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