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“Blame the Weather” is also available on the Virgin UK CD-3 of Senses Working Overtime and on the Virgin France compilation CD The Tiny Circus of Life. Apparently Andy and Mrs Partridge referred to their baby as “The Pink Thing” and the song grew out of that nickname. They have also self- or co-produced many of their B-sides. The story told in the song is almost the same as in “Making Plans for Nigel”; Franzi's parents want him to be good at school and steal away his childhood. The song is now available on CD, on the sampler Flieger - Flug 2 (CD 1994 Reverso Austria 660805). Phish used to occasionally cover "Melt the Guns" live in some of their very early shows. There are three different CDs and four different sleeves (with slight variations) for this CD.

“Tissue Tigers (The Arguers)” is also available on the Virgin UK CD-3 of Senses Working Overtime. The Japanese group Shonen Knife apparently were inspired by “Making Plans for Nigel” when they wrote their song “Bear Up Bison” (also known as “Making Plans for Bison”), originally released on their album Pretty Little Baka Guy (CD 1986.10 JP Subversive/Zero Subv 775). (In Japan, the song “Making Plans for Nigel” was also known as or “Bear Up, Nigel”.) Atsuko Yamano says, “I like stuffed animals. and listen to XTC.” (Big Dipper cover the Shonen song on the tribute album Every Band Has a Shonen Knife Who Loves Them.) George Krueger writes: . No official recording exist of them playing this (as far as I know), but since the band let people tape and trade their shows, recordings of it can be found (I have a version of them playing it from April 29, 1987). The first CD was the original Virgin UK release, which listed only the songs from the original LP on the sleeve, but in fact also contained the songs from the original bonus single, “Limelight” and “Chain of Command”, and does not contain “Life Begins at the Hop”.

Beeswax has been re-issued on CD by Virgin Records Japan.

Thanks are due to these additional contributors: Ben Abbate, Steve Banister, Klaus Bergmaier, Stephen Bruun, John M. Colin [Moulding] phoned me recently and said he wasn't interested in music any more, and it wouldn't be XTC without him. .” Virgin Records and XTC were scheduled to release a DVD of promotional videos, one or more collections of XTC songs providing an overview of their oeuvre, and the entire Virgin back catalog on CD. The Chalkhills digests were sent out irregularly, as posting volume warranted. The archives contain back issues of the Chalkhills digests, XTC lyrics, chord charts, pictures, a discography, and many other resources.

Chamberlain, Kevin Chanel, John Dioso, Peter Fitzpatrick, Mitch Friedman, Wes Hanks, John Hedges III, David Holtz, Toby Howard, Brad Johnson, Jeroen de Jong, Tim Kendrick, Dominic Lawson, Paul Myers, JP Nicholls, Sam Nitzberg, Dave O'Connell, Richard Pedretti-Allen, Jon Rosenberger, Bill Sherman, Harrison Sherwood, Phil Smith, Tunnel, Alan Welby. However, contract negotiations have broken down and the entire effort is on hold indefinitely. We here at Chalkhills have no official (or unofficial) relationship with the band and we cannot relay your messages. The Chalkhills list was created in April 1989 as an offshoot of the venerable Love-Hounds list and killed off (in a bizarre kitchen accident, of course) in August 2014. No FTP access is available at present (FTP is so 20th Century).

This appears to be mostly a result of policies at Virgin Records. Please visit Andy Partridge's official web site at “”, and good luck. Chalkhills is also a Facebook group, and the discussion continues there. The latest version of this FAQ file can be found at “ With the increase in availability and popularity of the World Wide Web, the need for local fan clubs has diminished somewhat. I cannot say whether or not the Japanese club is still open for business, but you might drop a line enclosing SAE and International Postal Reply Coupon or equivalent to Not long ago, The Little Express was one of the few sources of information for dedicated XTC fans.

This page contains the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) often seen in Chalkhills, The XTC Fans Mail List and on Facebook.

It is posted to provide hard-to-find information of general interest. While some information included herein is not copyright and may be used without permission, the compilation of this information in this document in this format is copyright and may not be published in any form whatsoever without the permission of the author. This document may be distributed electronically and otherwise if and only if the entire copyright notice and attributions are included. Ian E and Paul Culnane pointed out this unsettling comment from Andy Partridge in the December issue of MOJO magazine: “I speak of XTC in the past tense.

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Events as such have now guided this newsletter to realistically appraise its relevance. We would like to take this opportunity to say many thanks to every one of you who made [The Little Express] possible.

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