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Jackson wyoming dating

Russo had dealt with negative media surrounding eclipses before.

Almost immediately, Brackenridge, who became known around town as “Eclipse Girl,” began putting in 60-hour weeks, doing everything from nailing down a staging area for the Red Cross—in the event of, say, "a lightning strike or fire evacuation," says Brackenridge—to lobbying the local government to ease restrictions on the places that people could park.

Before the rumors of cult gatherings, the flock of nudists, and the threat of animal sacrifices, there was an eight-page memo.

It was July 2015, and it appeared on the desk of the Jackson, Wyoming, town council.

Buckrail, a local website, posted the news on their Facebook page, noting that she’d earn ,000 for the job for eight months of work. “Not just an eclipse, but one that lasts for a whopping 2.5 minutes,” another replied.

“In time of tight budgets for Wyoming/Teton county we choose to spend ,000 on an event planner for the eclipse?!?! “Two people told me right to my face that they thought the position sounded ridiculous,” says Brackenridge.

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