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In late June 2012, TV Guide's Nelson Branco confirmed in his publication, Soap Opera Uncensored that several sources has revealed Vaughan had signed on as Eric Brady, despite no confirmation from NBC.

In early July, Soaps In Depth confirmed that Vaughan was set to join the cast, but his role had yet to be confirmed, with some speculating that Vaughan could be playing an entirely different other than Eric.

The dynamic leads to a constant struggle between Eric and Nicole, as both still seem to have strong feelings for each other.The Situation with Hanna and her recognition of Human condition and what's the right mission was quite satisfying to me, It effectively began rebuilding Angels as what and how they should be like rather than the lackluster they have been in last seasons....It could be a good foundation for writing off the Angels, at least most of them and returning them to the place they should been all along, as the superior and mystic Celestials they truly are managing the universe and following up on their original mission of Protecting Humanity..recurring appearances on the angel's behalf after their possible write off would be pretty good..terms of Brothers relationship, I'm beginning to forget the abomination of last seasons and starting to literally "Care" again which is good...The July 16 issue of Soap Opera Digest reported that several sources had Vaughan in the role of Eric, but NBC had yet to confirm Vaughan's role.The magazine hinted that Eric would return as a "very changed man." On April 30, and May 1, 1998, Le Ann Rimes made a two episode guest appearance in the series as a teenage runaway, Madison, and Eric keeps her from getting arrested when she steals some food.

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When Dean fights with Cole, he throws Cole at a parked car and sends him through the windshield.