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By Dave saying, “I can’t live with a dude that does dudes” is reinforcing the heterosexual matrix as the natural order of things, making someone like Frank be a violation to that order, or the “incoherence” and “discontinuity” of it.Bisexuality is something that is rejected entirely by the norms defined by a heterosexual lifestyle.Along with this sex assignment comes an obvious gender of boy or girl, and form this still comes the crux of the newborn babies sexuality.Baby boys will grow up to sexually desire women and baby girl will grow up and sexually desire men.

That night Dave is talking to Zach about his uneasiness of the situation, saying, “I can’t live with a dude that does dudes.” Zach responds with,”What if it’s a girl, though? it’s a double standard–” Zach interrupts by saying,”It’s an absolute double standard.” Even though Zach is standing up for Frank at this point in time, in episode two, he makes fun of Frank for crying and says, “There are few reasons why a man should cry, and this is not one of them,” and later says Frank is “moody” and “on his period”.

Working in a framework like essentialism makes challenging sexuality pointless, seeing that it is unchangeable.

Through this mindset individuals see their sexuality as being exactly the same as the sexuality experienced by cavemen, Victorian women, and ancient Greek philosophers.

Butler writes, “‘Intelligible’ genders are those which in some sense institute and maintain relations of coherence and continuity among sex, gender, sexual practice, and desire.

In other words, the spectres of discontinuity and incoherence, themselves thinkable only in relation to existing norms of continuity and coherence, are constantly prohibited and produced by the very laws that seek to establish casual or expressive lines of connection among biological sex, culturally constituted genders, and the ‘expression’ or ‘effect’ of both in the manifestation of sexual desire through sexual practice” (Butler 23).

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In her article, “, Rubin explores some of the ways that the “Heterosexual Matrix” has influenced and effected sexuality throughout history.