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Rannvijay dating

Rannvijay Singh and his gorgeous wife Priyanka Singha were recently blessed with a baby girl, earlier this year. Clearly, daddy dearest’s world revolves around his tiny baby, and giving him company is another new daddy – Harbhajan Singh, who recently became father to a baby girl, Hinaya a few months ago.

The TV star is naturally overjoyed to embark upon this journey and is enjoying fatherhood to the hilt. Rannvijay and Bhajji will be seen together in the new season of from London.

Harbhajan Singh also became father to a baby girl recently and is as elated as the MTV Roadies host too.

MTV Roadies host Rannvijay Singh Singha and his wife Priyanka Singha were recently blessed with a princess.

The TV host embarked on his journey as father and is delighted with the arrival of a new member in his family.

While the TV host is yet to share a picture of his little bundle of joy, Rannvijay shares her name on social media.

In his Instagram profile, Rannvijay says, “Kainaat says thankyou to everyone for all the good wishes and blessings!

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