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Salinas california dating

I am curious if perhaps the Firefall tradition continued unofficially for a short time, through 1969, after it had been officially cancelled in 1968?

This might explain the discrepancy of dates I bring up?

To make the Firefall project complete, I am encouraging readers of this history to submit their own remembrances, contributions, and suggestions.

I'd like to make the history a thorough one, and it certainly could not be complete without the contributions of those who have witnessed the Firefall firsthand, or of those who have followed its story and have interesting additions they'd like to share.

To boot, the museum has one of the original tin horns used to announce the earliest firefalls and I regularly show it to visitors while tell them my first hand memories of that event. Kennedy called the Fire Fall the night he was in Yosemite while sitting as a President.

I was there that night and yes he did do something for the Fire Fall but call it was not the thing.

I have since taken my wife and kids to Yosemite and have told them of my experiences watching the Firefall.Moments later this amazing flood of magma-looking, burning hot, red-orange embers spilled over the top, and down the face of Glacier Peak! One that I will enjoy telling my children all about when we visit there soon.[Editor] The only information I've seen in print is a press release published by the National Park Service which read as follows: "The Firefall, a fancy of James Mc Cauley’s that caught on, and was popular for almost a hundred years, died Thursday, January 25, 1968 in a blazing farewell. Hardly any congestion at all." Having said that, accuracy is important to me to.It was a dandy Firefall, fat and long and it ended with an exceptionally brilliant spurt, the embers lighting the cliff as they floated slowly downward … So if any readers can locate evidence that the Firefall continued past that date, please post it, and I'll look into doing a correction. However, maybe someone reading this page will see your request.In the meantime, I'll have to stick with the date on record. I am a travel writer for The Sacramento Bee and am going to write about the Yosemite Firefall. Readers, if you have first-hand knowledge of the Firefall, for instance if you worked for the park, please contact Reed at [email protected]

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In summer of 1951 my mom worked as a housekeeper at Camp Curry and at night she sang the Indian Love Song.