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Sex chat by matured auntees

Her nipples were erected and were seen from her blouse.

She slowly kept her tongue on my face and inside my mouth and moving in search of some thing.

She had a very good figure of 38 28 32 a real sexy figure. We chatted for sometime and after that she started preparing food items for launch. Evening I asked my aunty shell we go to movie she said ok with naughty smile.

After my aunty seeing me she hug with sweetheart and that time I touched her boobs it fells me some thing different in my mind towards aunty and she has taken me inside her house.

Her aroma was slightly visible through her white blouse.

She now getting more and more horny and whispering to suck her milk tanks.After that we went 2 movie but I am unable 2 see movie and I am getting my aunty naked in my mind.We came back from movie and had dinner and slept in the same bad.I planned to do something in the night with my 6 inch cock.I was real horny now with a strong desire to suck and fuck my aunty.

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Aunty with naughty smile said 2 go to hall so that she can dress up I said ok and went.

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