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Social network for dating

Although, there are many types of relationships, including reciprocal, directional and others, each of the types can be reduced to either a strong tie or a weak tie.Strong ties are close enough to you that you probably have the phone numbers of these people, whereas weak ties would be surprised if you called one of them.If you view the United Nations as a social network, the United States would be a node or actor inside the network.The three types of social networks that social scientists explore are ego-centric networks, socio-centric networks, and open-system networks.Swinger Social is a completely mobile friendly website, letting you enjoy the dating experience on any device including tablets and mobile phones.

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Understanding the theory is easier when you examine the individual pieces starting with the largest element, which is networks, and working down to the smallest element, which is the actors.

In some ways, networks can be thought of as neighborhoods, since networks are comprised of the actors and the relationships between those actors.

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If networks were just a list of your close friends or the people you work with, there would be nothing to study.

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