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That, of course, opens up the possibility that a smaller number again will eventually progress from simply being ‘out’ and decide to go ‘out out’.On balance, however — it may be a good idea to give in to the temptation to extend the night.

In other words — we went speed-dating so you didn’t have to. That said — it’s not quite fight-or-flight territory, more fight-or-hide-in-the-bathroom. Humiliatingly, organisers generally make everyone wear name-tags — but that aside, with such a volume of people you’re invariably going to find it difficult to keep track of pretty much any other personal detail they impart if you’ve a few scoops on board.The following day comes the added excitement of when you receive your matches either by email or text and then who to date first!If you haven’t tried speed dating then what have you got to lose – your chance to meet and flirt with up 20 single people all in just one night doesn’t happen every day so wait no more and book your place before you miss out.Style and Beauty fiend with a background in Public Service Slavery, Sue Jordan is the proud editor & owner of leading Irish beauty and lifestyle site Cherry Sue Doin' the Do.Having acquired more blushers than she'd ever have cheeks, Sue turned her jazz hands to social media to share her love of beauty and the success that followed meant she's managed to partially escape the rat race.

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‘Banter’ that goes nowhere can be excruciating, even after just a few minutes — so it’s no harm to press the ‘reset’ button occasionally and steer the conversation back to more mundane topics.

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