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Updating row using cursor oracle

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The goal is to have several separate sessions applying UPDATE statements at once, rather than using the sometimes restrictive PARALLEL DML alternative. LAST UPDATE test SET fk = fk_tab(i) , fill = fill_tab(i) WHERE pk = pk_tab(i); cnt := cnt pk_tab. In this round, I have removed the Foreign Key used in Round 2, and included a Bitmap index on TEST. PL/SQL solutions seem to incur a penalty when updating bitmap indexed tables.Update-wise, it looks as though it should perform the same as the Explicit Cursor Loop.The difference is that the Implicit Cursor internally performs bulk fetches, which should be faster than the Explicit Cursor because of the reduced context switches. I generally recommend against it for high-volume updates because the SET sub-query is nested, meaning it is performed once for each row updated. Using BULK COLLECT and FORALL statements is the new de-facto standard for PL/SQL programmers concerned about performance because it reduces context switching overheads between the PL/SQL and SQL engines.In this test, we apply the 100K updated rows in Global Temporary Table TEST to permanent table TEST. UPDATE with nested SET subquery 941.4 891.5 31.5 4. RUN 1 RUN 2 ----------------------------------- ----- ----- 1. As a result, we end up updating almost 100% of the blocks.There are 3 runs: RUN 1 RUN 2 RUN 3 ----------------------------------- ----- ----- ----- 1. This makes it a good candidate for hash joins and full scans to out-perform indexed nested loops.

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