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Posted by / 02-May-2020 14:26

), browsers can natively validate form inputs and alert users when they're doing it wrong.

Support for the various input types and attributes varies wildly from browser to browser, but I'll provide some tricks and workarounds to maximize browser compatibility.

If you, for example, required passwords to contain at least 1 uppercase character, 1 lowercase character, and 1 number, the browser can validate that for you.

If you want to require a TLD (and you likely do), you can modify the input type will alert users if the supplied value is not a valid URL.

If, for example, you have a fixed navbar at the top of your page and you need to adjust the amount of padding between the top of the window and the focused field, you can override the following variable: Add custom validators to be run.

Validators should be functions that receive the j Query element as an argument and return an error message if the field is invalid.

Email validation regex patterns are a hotly debated issue.

I tested a ton of them specifically looking for ones that met RFC822 specs.

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