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Samantha Eggar plays a woman who becomes so successful at channeling the rage she feels towards her parents, her estranged husband, and others, that she literally births a series of monsters that brutally attack whoever she’s mad at.

Cronenberg, who conceived the film while going through a divorce, calls it his version of made a big splash for its DIY aesthetic and ear for vulgarity, but its lasting appeal suggests it has a kind of universality.

— (2001) ### Opening a month after September 11, 2001, and virtually ignored upon release, Richard Kelly’s directorial debut now seems like both a snapshot of the seemingly safe but deeply ominous world we remember living in just before the planes hit, and a direct response to events that happened after it was made.

— (1986) ### Before the Sundance Film Festival essentially transformed it into mainstream Hollywood’s minor league farm system, American indie film routinely produced weird hipster gems like Jim Jarmusch’s deadpan debut (1969) ### While Hollywood was stubbornly ignoring the counterculture (or, worse, pandering to it with tone-deaf misfires), Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper pushed all the right peyote buttons and hit the zeitgeist jackpot.

But the legions of kids whose heads exploded as they watched this on video throughout the ’80s will always be Raimi fans.

Dante and Randall are the patron saints of wise-ass wage slaves everywhere, while Jay & Silent Bob (and their real-life counterparts, Jason Mewes and the film’s auteur, Kevin Smith) represent the freedom (and hazards) of life beyond timecard conformity.

— (1971) ### Probably the cultiest big-name American director of his generation, Stanley Kubrick in his prime had a delightful habit of concocting large-scale outrages, presenting major studios with the bills, and making them like it.

For me, however, the most shocking part of that interview was how closely the former First Lady’s informal cadences mimicked those of her cousin “Little Edie” Beale, the eccentric and beloved star of this paean to impoverished gentry, defiant individuality, and the perils of utter denial.

— (1972) ### Like many films on the list, this offbeat, low-budget crime story failed during its initial run in theaters, then later gained an enthusiastic word-of-mouth following thanks to midnight screenings.

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— (1935) ### Legendary horror director Tod Browning, a former man of the circus who had a real feel for the seedy carnival atmosphere, broke every rule of polite movie entertainment with this intense melodrama.

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